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Born in the early 80's, fairly slim figure (but pudging out a bit), dark hair, dark eyes, pale complexion sometimes bearded. (See picture on welcome page)

If you're really curious, get in touch and make up your own mind. Personally I hate writing these kind of things and it's not likely to portray me as seen by others especially well. My interests have slowly evolved into fairly narrow nieches over the years, but if you like to talk about old computers running Unix type systems (BSD for preference), fixed-gear bicycling (so it's hip and stuff, I just like it) or photography it should work out alright.

Also vi not emacs.

Ways to get in touch

Code projects

  • pfloggerd ([Unix (NetBSD)] tar.gz, hg)

    I like to keep an eye on what's going on on my network, and syslog provides a convenient way of routing interesting messages to a little window on my desktop. PF, however, does not support logging to syslog and the FAQ only publishes a shellscript that does some bulk syslog submitting. This daemon watches the pflog logging device, parses the headers and spits out some interesting info like adresses involved, ports and action taken by PF to syslog, that you then can route as you please.

  • pftt ([Unix (NetBSD)] tar.gz, hg)

    Utility program I wrote to remove entries from a PF table after a set timelimit. The idea is that a PF overload rule adds hosts to a table and subsequently blocks any packets from the hosts on that list, while this program runs (from cron only at the moment) and cleans out any adresses older than a certain age.

  • Listener ([Android] hg)

    Listener is a drop-in replacement to the now defunct Google Listen that I've been working on.

  • Remember ([Android] hg, Google Play)

    A program to help you remember repeating events.

Find more random projects at my code repo